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Candle Warmer Lamp? Here are 4 Reasons Why We are Going to Buy More

Candle warmer lamps are not just home decor, they also elevate the smell, preserve the candle, look aesthetically pleasing, and are much safer to use.

We have seen this online and wanted to give it a try. Of course, we went with an aesthetically pleasing look (aka black). We have tried 6 Pack Candles for Home Scented Aromatherapy Candles and let me tell you the difference in the smell and the way it burns.

At first, we saw it on TikTok and were curious about how it works so we bought one from Amazon called Funistree Candle Warmer Lamp. When the package arrived we were excited to see and try it out. Simple plug-and-play with a remote, also got our Aromatherapy Candles. Taking it out of the box was already exciting to see, powder coated black and just looks elegant along with the rest of our furniture.

But as we got excited we started to worry about the hazards of candles and turns out that melting the wax is a safer alternative than the traditional way. One of the major pros of the Candle Warmer Lamp is that it thoroughly melts the wax without producing toxic fumes, common with open flames. 

The lamp also comes equipped with a dimmable light and two light bulbs, adding to its practicality and charm. The glass lampshade, in particular, has been noted for its beauty, enhancing the lamp’s role as a decorative piece in addition to its functional purpose. We were happy with what we bought, and I can’t wait to surprise some of my friends and family with this as a gift.


So What is A Candle Warmer Lamp?

Well to simplify it, it basically is a way to use your candle without fire. At the same time, it’s beautiful home decor that releases beautiful scents and another form of light source. All it is is a bulb that distributes the heat thoroughly melting the wax and releasing the aroma.

The Candle Warmer Lamp has been gaining popularity, particularly for its aesthetic appeal, safety benefits, and ability to prolong the life of candles. As reviewed on Taste of Home, the lamp uses a heating bulb to melt candle wax from the top down, releasing the scent throughout the room. This method is slower than burning a candle with a flame but is considered safer and more efficient.

Testing The Lamp’s Limits

  • initial Test with a Tall Candle: A tall candle we found was chosen for the initial test to see if it fit on the stand and under the lampshade. The lamp’s dimmable light switch was tested to adjust the brightness to a mid-level setting. The max candle height is 6.4 inches. The dimmable lights works as they should
  • Observation of Melting Process and Scent Release: After an hour, the room was checked for the presence of the candle’s aroma and the state of the wax. The goal was to see if the wax had melted and if the scent was noticeable. The wax was melted and the aroma of the candle was dispersed beautifully.
  • Evaluating Ambiance and Light: The cozy glow emitted by the lamp in a dark room was observed to assess the ambient contribution of the lamp to the room’s decor.
  • Long-term Use and Candle Preservation: Over an extended period, the lamp was used daily to see how it affected the longevity of the candle. The aim was to see if the candle lasted significantly longer than when burned traditionally.
  • Assessing Practicality in Different Locations: The lamp was moved to different locations, such as from a nightstand to a kitchen counter, to evaluate its versatility and effectiveness in various home settings. It fits in wherever and works just as effectively. Also very easy to move.
  • Safety and Cleanliness: The safety aspect, particularly the absence of open flames and soot, was a key part of the evaluation. The process also looked at whether the lamp produced any toxic fumes.

Pros and Cons


  • Safety: Reduces fire hazards compared to traditional candles.
  • Longevity: Extends the life of candles by melting wax slowly and evenly.
  • Ambiance: Offers a cozy glow and can double as a decorative item.
  • Scent Distribution: Efficiently releases candle scents without burning the wick.
  • Energy Efficient: Often uses low-energy bulbs.


  • Bulbs: Need to be replaced not so often.

Final Verdict

These lamps offer a safer, more efficient way to enjoy scented candles, extending their life and enhancing home ambiance without the risks of open flames. They are aesthetically pleasing and can be a stylish addition to home decor. However, one should be mindful of potential issues such as the fragility of glass components and limitations in accommodating various candle sizes. For those seeking a safer, long-lasting candle experience, a candle warmer lamp can be a worthwhile investment.

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Where to Buy?

We bought ours at Amazon, there are more options to choose which one will fit in with your furniture.

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